Legendary tech forecaster - who just called America’s biggest
weed windfalls – boldly declares...

“On May 18thJuly 31st, This Weird Rooftop
Pod Will Deliver the Death Blow to
“The Big 3” Cable Companies...

With One Clean Shot


*The examples provided may not be representative of typical results.
Your capital is at risk when you invest in securities – you can lose some or all of your money.
Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

And turn a single paycheck into $110,661a small fortune when
America’s most hated monopoly finally
goes six feet under.

Dear Reader,

Does writing out a check each month to any of America’s “most hated” companies make your blood boil?






If so, I’m going to show you why – thanks to a stunning new breakthrough – you may NEVER have to give these jerks another dime of your hard-earned money – ever again.

And more importantly....

I’m going to explain why the death of the modern cable company could spell the beginning of your most profitable investment EVER.

I know it sounds crazy...

But once you see just how revolutionary this breakthrough is, I think you’ll agree that what’s really crazy is the way things are NOW.

After all...

Isn’t it a bit crazy – at the speed technology is evolving....

That your internet connection just randomly conks out for no good reason?

Meaning you spend HOURS on the phone... push-buttoning your way through voice recognition robots that – if you ask me – really should recognize four letter words by now?

And isn’t it even crazier to cancel plans or leave work early to rush home...sit for a four-hour window... and wait for the internet repair man who NEVER shows up?

If your answer is a loud “YES...”

(And you’re fed up with your internet provider...)

Then I’d like to ask you a simple favor:

Grab the last bill they sent you...

And have a nice, long look at the huge number of ways they’ve figured out how to screw you...

With fees, surcharges, overages, extras, and whatever new regulatory gobble-dee-gook they made up that week.

Comcast Bill

But instead of getting mad this time, go ahead and have a good laugh.

This time, you’ll be doing it at their expense.

Because you’re about to discover the shocking innovation that’s set to send your cable company to an early grave.

This Technological Marvel is Set to
Shuttle the $251 Billion Internet Empire
into Complete Obsolescence...

Ending, once and for all, the terrible reign of “America’s Most Hated Companies”.

Internet Search

Americans are downright irate at their internet providers and desperate for an alternative.

Freeing MILLIONS of Americans from what has frankly become a nightmarish customer experience and…

Giving YOU direct exposure to what could be the tech market’s next 5,349% windfall.

That’s right... from now on, you – and everyone else with a crappy, overpriced internet connection – can breathe a gigantic sigh of relief.

And get ready to CASH checks, rather than cut them.

Because, as Bloomberg reports, we are about to embark on the era of:

Bloomberg rip quote

That’s why companies like...

...have poured nearly two billion into launching the specific technology I’m going to tell you about today.

Even Fortune recently reported that following these companies’ lead is a way for main street investors to “win big” right now.

Because not only could this new breakthrough deliver faster, cheaper, reliable internet directly to your home...

It’s also going to give you a perfectly solid connection in your car driving through the mountains... on your boat out at sea... at your cabin in the deep woods...

Picture grid 1

It will connect emergency management workers in the aftermath of earthquakes... missionaries on remote pacific islands... and oil workers on deep sea rigs.

Picture grid 1

In short, it will be fast... it will be uninterrupted... and it will be everywhere.

Imagine it: a new era of modern Internet...

One that I estimate will cost you no more than 7 measly bucks a month...

Connecting the 4 billion people on planet earth right now who have no way of accessing high-speed internet – including 78 million Americans...

The way I look at it, we’re soon going to flip a virtual switch and connect the entire planet --in the blink of an eye.

This breakthrough could save the typical American hundreds – or more likely thousands – of dollars over time...

Young Man Headshot

Carson McDonald could save $117,000!

For some, it will save much more...

Like Carson McDonald – a web developer in Sun Prairie, WI.

Charter wants him to cough up $117,000 just to run cable internet to his home outside city limits.

But when the breakthrough I’m talking about rolls out, Carson can thumb his nose at Charter and get back to making money instead of forking it over to them.

Same for Nick Schumann.

Farm Family

They could be $383,500 richer because of this breakthrough!

He’s a family farmer in Ceresco, Nebraska who needs a reliable internet connection to bring his growing operation into the modern age.

But he can’t seem to wrap his head around the $383,500 Windstream Communications is demanding to run high-speed internet to his property.

Especially when he and his family live just a quarter mile away from an existing line!

The technology I’m about to show you will allow Nick to grow his farming business and keep that nearly $400 Grand in his pocket where it belongs.

Customers now using internet from the heavens have called it a game changer – clocking in at 12 times faster, yet 10 times cheaper than what they were forced to use before.

Here’s the best part...

Until now, the precursor to this extraordinary technology has only been rolled out to 15 countries around the world.

But soon, it could replace dial-up, cable, DSL and even fiber in every city and town in America.

Making the lives of virtually every American more affordable and far less stressful.

At the same time, this technological quantum leap could wipe out the entire crop of hulking, hated internet providers with one blow...

Helping themselves to the $251 Billion internet market now up for grabs.

And, for those who position themselves before May 18thJuly 31st

This Could Create a Flood of New Tech Millionaires... All Popping Champagne at the Funeral of the “Corporate Internet”

And that’s not an overblown profit prediction.

It’s a nearly forgone conclusion.

You see, historically, every time the internet has taken a massive step forward, virtually untold wealth is created.

After AOL introduced internet via dial-up connection, their stock soared 70,636%.

AOL chart

Over time, that’s good enough to turn $10,000 into over $7 million in a single trade!

Then, when Earthlink helped usher in the age of DSL, their stock shot up 6,638%.

ELNK chart

As cable internet came in to replace DSL in many parts of the country, investors in Comcast were rewarded with eye-popping 36,989% gains!

CMCSA chart

Enough to turn a small $5,000 investment into over $1.7 million.

Stunning, no doubt.

But those gains are nothing compared to the potential at hand.

Here’s the situation...

Because of previous technological limitations I’ll explain in a moment – along with a very prohibitive price tag...

Preliminary rollouts this technology’s precursor have been limited to remote locations where running undersea or fiber cables wasn’t at all feasible.

That means, right now, only about one half of one percent of the world has access to technology like it.

Americans have unfortunately been left out in the cold, forced to suck up whatever jacked up rates, horrible customer service and spotty internet their regional monopoly decides to throw at them.

That means at this moment, over $250 billion is sitting on the table just waiting for the “next generation” of internet technology to come along and scoop it up.

And now, that time has come....

A stunning breakthrough in something called “L.E.O. transmission” is about to snap up most – if not all – of that hugely profitable market and make technological history.

And at the center of it all sits a tiny, privately-held company that holds the exclusive legal rights to use their technology to connect every human on the planet – with the virtual flip of the switch.

Not only will this company change the whole world’s perception of what an internet provider is, it is also poised to make investors very, very rich.

Once they launch their breakthrough L.E.O. transmission project, they are poised to tap into an additional $35 billion of profit every single year – just in the US alone.

When you look at the global market, that number balloons to about $251 billion in potential profit.

Of course, no investment is guaranteed, but I’m about to show you precisely why I believe this tiny company is poised to become the go-to internet provider around the globe.

So, exactly how much money could you make here?

Well, my research indicates you should have a shot at turning just a single paycheck into a windfall worth $110,661.a small fortune.

I’ll give you the breakdown of that price target in just a moment.

I’ll also show you three specific reasons why investors could reap double, triple, EVEN quadruple returns BEYOND my conservative estimate – that is, if you follow the one simple strategy I’ll outline today.

But before we get to that, let me ask you this...

Why The HELL Are You Paying Your Internet Company So Much & How Do They Keep
Getting Away With It?

Houses in Iceland

There are more people in Atlanta, Georgia than in all of Iceland… but their internet is 8X better than the in the US!

Well for starters... you’re paying top dollar for internet that’s so slow that it doesn’t even rank in the Top 10 worldwide!

Yup... unless you’re one of the .003% of Americans living in the great state of Delaware, average internet speeds in the US don’t even come near the minimum requirement for “broadband”.

Compare that to remote Iceland.

Its population is so sparse the phone book lists residents by first name.


Not even dire poverty stops Venezuela from offering mobile internet speeds 2X faster than the US!

Yet it ranks 8 spots higher than the US for peak internet speeds.

Even Venezuela – where 8 out of 10 people don’t have enough money for food – delivers mobile internet twice as fast as the US.

Which means...

The State of Internet Service in our Great Nation is Worse than in Third World Countries.

American Couple

So does that mean we’re paying roughly in line with what we’re getting?

Hell no, it doesn’t.

Companies like Comcast are gleefully raising the cost of their services at 4 TIMES the rate of inflation!

In fact, the average American is now paying $132 a month for their little internet and cable “bundles of joy”.

While South Koreans - who have the best service in the world – pay just $20 a month for broadband that’s five times faster than the average American’s!

South Korean Couple

I gotta tell you, it’s a shameful business and it sickens me.

But the Time Warner / Verizon / Comcast oligarchy has gotten away with it so far because they’ve always found a way to control everything.

Including manipulating the most important part of the modern internet...

Here’s what I mean…

You’re looking at a pretty dense, typical American neighborhood in suburban Maryland.

There’s no fiber internet here.

Jonathan and Kathy

Jonathan and Kathy Turner call themselves “two more disgruntled Comcast subscribers

People who live around here – like Jonathan Turner and his wife Kathy right here... have one option – Comcast Cable.

Now, Comcast advertises pretty fast speeds.

But do neighbors actually get those speeds?

Not likely.

Look at those cables overhead.

Cable wire over street

Copper wires are killing your internet speed!

That’s copper wire.

It was invented by Alexander Graham Bell over 100 years ago.

It was meant to carry voices, not internet and streaming video.

So, even if Comcast shoots its blazing fast internet to this neighborhood through fiberoptic cables...

Jonathan and Kathy

Loading…. 25%... 43%... 70%... 70%... 70%...

The minute Jonathan and Kathy’s Netflix show hits these copper wires, it’s gotta slam on the brakes.

Because this 100-year-old technology just can’t handle that speed.

Now, this problem could be solved if companies just stopped running the internet through these old wires and dug trenches for fiberoptic cable to each of these homes.

But that’s easier said than done.

Underground Pipes and wires

One big mess of spaghetti… and not a fiberoptic cable in sight!

There are gas lines, water mains, sewer pipes and electrical cables everywhere underground.

It’s one big mess of spaghetti under here.

Which makes running fiberoptics to these homes very expensive.

A Goldman Sachs study found running fiber to the rest of Americans without it would cost... get this...

$140 billion.

So the internet companies often just don’t do it.

And all these folks paying for high-speed internet that just doesn’t cut it– are going to keep getting screwed.


Because the internet companies know damn well they’re not going anywhere!

One in three Americans only have one choice for broadband service.

So it’s either pay out the nose for bad service or pay nothing for no service.

Here’s how Gizmodo sums it up:

Gizmodo rip quote

But... what if we could just eliminate the need for any kind of cable at all?

What if your internet service could be delivered straight to your home through the air – with nothing in the way to slow it down?

And most importantly, what if we could eliminate the greedy internet companies’ role in getting that internet to you?

Incredibly, we can.

And we are.

Thanks to the greatest technological innovation since the computer.

I’m Talking About a Brand New Revolution in L.E.O. Transmission, something those in the know like to call “Halo-Fi.”

It’s a constellation of highly-advanced ”micro-routers” in low earth orbit that will cover every square inch of the planet with uninterrupted, high-speed internet from space.

Outerspace Satelites

Halo-Fi: The Internet’s Next Big Evolution

And once the Halo-Fi “switch” is flipped ON, the results will be nothing short of extraordinary.

That’s because a technological leap of this magnitude has never been possible until now.

There are several reasons why...

First, the “micro-routers” themselves.

Instead of orbiting at 22,000 miles above the earth’s surface, these routers are microsatellites positioned in Low Earth Orbit, which is just 750 miles away.

That’s one reason Halo-Fi will be so much faster. It’s thirty times closer to earth.

Satelite Orbit gif

The micro-routers themselves are also a marvel of engineering.

The Wall Street Journal reports they are designing...

Wall Street Journal rip quote

Halo-Fi micro-routers: 100X more advanced yet smaller than a desk

And they’re tiny... each one about the size of a desk.

But don’t let their size fool you.

They are unbelievably powerful.

Each satellite sends ten beams of internet down to earth.

Each beam covers 400 miles.


It Takes Just Three Halo-Fi “Micro-Routers”
to Cover an Area the Size of India.

And to blanket the entire earth in high-speed internet?

As this company is about to prove, it could take as few as 648 micro-routers.

Then, once the switch is flipped on, receiving internet in your home is simple.

No spotty modems. No outdated copper. No fiber.

You don’t even need to buy an antenna.

You’d simply need to be near a school, public building or municipal building that has a receiver on its roof and your phones and computers will automatically log on.

Now, if you prefer, you can buy your own receiver for a one-time payment of about $200.

You can see it right here...

Rural Farm

It’s no bigger than the size of a tire.

White House

It even runs on its own small solar panels.

Roof Close-up

You can also purchase a mobile receiver for any vehicle that can pick up high speed Halo-Fi signals anywhere you travel.

One Web Receiver

And here’s where it gets even more incredible...

Even though it only takes 648 satellites to cover the surface of the earth with Halo-Fi, this tiny company isn’t stopping there.

Demand is so high, they are looking at adding an additional 2,000 “micro-router” satellites to their constellation.

2,648 microsatellites have the power to blanket the earth more than 4 times over with nonstop internet access for every single human being.

Bottom line...

As populations and internet connections explode... every man, woman, child, vehicle, ship and business on earth would be covered.

Like I said at the beginning...

For you, that means no more dealing with your internet company’s infuriating customer service reps....

Never again waiting on their unreliable repair men...

Saying goodbye to going over their arbitrary data cap.

And never again paying them another dime.

Halo-Fi truly is “Internet delivered from the heavens.”

And here’s the kicker...

The price tag to launch this game-changing constellation of microsatellites and flip the ON switch... is shockingly LOW.

Remember that figure Goldman Sachs came up with to run fiber optic internet to the rest of the US?

$140 billion.

Not a small figure by any stretch.

So you might expect that bringing Halo-Fi to 100% of the globe would be even more expensive.

I mean, it’s such a vast improvement, a higher price – even as high as $300 billion – would be justified.

But it’s NOT more expensive.

Not by a long shot.

In fact...

Bringing Halo-Fi to Everyone On Earth Will Cost 98% LESS Than Laying Fiber Across
Just the United States Alone!

That’s right...Launching this company’s entire constellation of micro-routers – including a network of receivers on Earth you can automatically log on to – is expected to cost just $3.5 billion.

So not only are we talking about the most reliable internet the world has ever seen...

We’re also talking about possibly the least expensive way EVER to launch it.

Which, by my cost analysis, will then translate into a monthly charge of no more than $7 a month for users just like you.

Which means we’re really talking about...

A fundamental shift in the history of the internet itself.

And my intelligence points to May 18th as the day this private Halo-Fi company begins the process of going public on the stock market.

And my intelligence points to July 31st as the day this private Halo-Fi company’s plans to go public are revealed to the world.

This is our best estimate based on the company’s previous public announcements.

And with that single announcement, this company’s CEO is set to send his tiny firm and their breakthrough technology from relative obscurity to the 7 o’ clock news!

Setting investors up for a potential win of 5,349%... enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $287,450 in the bank.

But here's the catch...if you want to claim those gains for yourself, you have to take action BEFORE May 18thJuly 31st.

Because I’ve developed a “one-two" profit punch” strategy to capitalize on this world-changing technology before AND after it makes its way onto the public markets.

It's a simple strategy...one that could make you a cool six-figures before the year is out.

And even if we’re wrong about this date… I still believe the earlier you act, the better. Which is why we’re recommending you get in by May 18thJuly 31st.

Remember, we watched AOL soar 70,636%.

AOL chart

Earthlink skyrocketed 6,690%.

ELNK chart

Comcast catapulted 36,989%.

CMCSA chart

And over time, what we are about to witness could match or exceed those very exceptional gains.

It is rare for me to feel so confident about an opportunity this huge.

Yet here’s what makes me even more confident...

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has ruled...

This Tiny Company Has Exclusive Global Rights to the “Microsatellite Band” of Spectrum Required to Carry Halo-Fi from Space to Earth.

Think about that...

Imagine if AOL had been able to secure worldwide exclusive rights to all dial-up internet access...

Investors would have likely seen gains bigger than 70,636%!

And that’s exactly what the ITU just made possible right here...

Because in 2012, the CEO of this company successfully secured the global rights to operate his Halo-Fi technology exclusively within the “microsatellite band” of space.

Under the first-come, first-serve ITU rules that govern the deal, if this company can get their microsatellites operating any time before the end of 2019, they have the sole rights to operate inside this band.

And there is virtually nothing that regulators can do to force them to share it with anyone else who might want to launch competing microsatellites on a global level.

One company backer, Richard Branson, put it this way...

Richard Branson rip quote

Imagine how huge exclusive access to the “microsatellite band” could be for this company.

And with production of their microsatellites ramping up to record-breaking levels within weeks, there is little doubt they will have a fully operational constellation by 2019.

And I’m not the only one who shares this level of absolute confidence...

I’ll also show you who else is backing this company’s bid to be the only Halo-Fi company in the world, including a man known as “The Bill Gates of Japan”.

See, not only are these backers putting billions of dollars behind the idea of “internet for everyone all the time”...

They’re betting their money (and their future returns) on the man behind the technology making it happen.

His name is Greg and he’s touted as spearheading...

David Bettinger rip quote Spaceboard rip quote

By “done that”, he means...

Stepped into a tech industry...

Invented a cheaper, superior product...

Put competitors out of business in the blink of an eye...

And walked away many millions of dollars richer.

Multiple times.

Anyone who knows him knows...

When Greg Sets Out to Bust Up a Monopoly...

Greedy Old-Timers Start Shaking in Their Boots.

He did it in the computer industry in the 1990s.

80% Cheaper

That’s when he set his mind to building a better, cheaper heat regulator for personal computers.

After shutting himself off in a dark workspace for five years, he emerged with a premium heat regulator that cost 80% less than what competitors were charging for an inferior product.

He went on to snap up major contracts with Dell and Hewlett-Packard, among other big-name computer manufacturers.

He then sold that company for $100 million and moved on to his next project...

A telecom company that would bring fast, reliable mobile and internet service to every citizen of Rwanda.

He traveled there regularly... dug ditches himself to lay hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable... and completed that nation’s first 3G network.

It was faster and cheaper than government-backed RwandaTel.

Within a year, it had stolen most of their subscribers as well.

In 2005, he sold the company for $20 million and began to lay plans for delivering better, faster, cheaper internet to everyone on the planet.

Since Greg’s plans – and of course, the exclusive rights granted by the ITU – have become public knowledge...

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s Space exploration company, issued a statement on rumors they would build a competing microsatellite constellation, saying...

Gwynne Shotwell rip quote

Now, I can never claim to know what has developed in the back rooms of SpaceX since this statement, but as far as I know, they have yet to develop even a prototype that could compete with Halo-Fi.

Then in February, Google drastically scaled back its Project Loon worldwide internet project.

And Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to build a “free internet” have been rejected by users around the world as just a marketing ploy to get more Facebook users.

So what I’m presenting you with today is...

An Opportunity to collect “Double Profits” off
The Only Company with Exclusive Rights to Deliver Halo-Fi to Everyone.

Before I reveal all the details you’ll need to get in before May 18thJuly 31st for potential pre- and post-IPO profits...

Allow me a brief, 30-second introduction.

My name is Ray Blanco, and finding the world’s most lucrative tech investments isn’t just my passion...

Ray Blanco

It’s my job here at Agora Financial.

That’s why any day of the week you can find me visiting the headquarters of the world’s most revered – and in the case of Halo-Fi, most under-the-radar – technology companies...

That’s also why Agora tapped me to come on board as their “Chief Technology Analyst”.

I’ve been at the vanguard of some of the most explosive tech breakthroughs in recent history...

Helping usher readers to paydays of 195% in under a year... 239% in under 6 months... plus multiple 300%+ paydays on cutting-edge biotech plays.

These outsize wins made a lot of my readers a lot of money, no doubt.

But none of them are as compelling as what I’m sharing with you today...

Because based on my track record of spotting and profiting off the biggest tech events of the past decade, believe me when I say...

Money-making opportunities as exciting as Halo-Fi come around only ONCE.

So I can tell you without hesitation:

Halo-Fi Offers the Biggest Upside Potential I Can See Across the Entire Market – For the Next Decade, At Least.

Worldwide Halo-Fi is the biggest breakthrough since the advent of the computer.

So why would you miss a shot at getting your share of the resulting multi-billion-dollar profit potential?

I know one person who saw this opportunity and wouldn’t let it pass him up...

And you should know about him too.

He’s known as “The Bill Gates of Japan.”

He’s the richest man in that country.

CNBC named him “The Warren E. Buffett of technology investing”.

He simply calls himself a “crazy guy who bet[s] on the future”.

To those close to him, he’s just “Masa”.

Masa has used his “Midas touch” to help turn multiple technology startups into massive winners.

Like Yahoo.

Masa made a $4.8 million early investment in Yahoo!

Any investors who followed his lead in 1996 could have collected 7,763% gains in 42 months.

YHOO chart

In 2008, a tech startup, Buddy Media, was valued at just $964,469.

But Masa saw huge potential and led a funding round that brought $6.5 million into the company.

48 months later, the company was valued at $689 million.

A 714-fold gain!

That’s the equivalent of turning a $10,000 investment into $7.1 million – in four years.

Then, Masa invested $43 million into Fitbit when it was valued at just $300 million.

In June of 2015, its valuation rose to a whopping $8 billion.

A 26-fold gain in under 24 months!

In other words...

When an Investment Gets Masa’s
“Seal of Approval”, It Usually Means You’re Looking at a Company on The Verge of an EXPLOSIVE Profit Run

The Hustle, a Silicon Valley newsletter, puts it this way...

The Hustle rip quote

Meaning, the industry looks to Masa’s opinion – and the flow of his money – as a bellwether for the next big tech trend.

Like when his $20 million investment in Alibaba grew to $90 billion – or 4,500 times his money!

And when his investment in WeWork – the co-sharing office space – helped bump the company’s valuation from $2 billion to about $18 billion – a 9-fold spike.

That’s the same kind of potential Masa sees this tiny Halo-Fi company...

Which is why he just invested $1.2 billion in them.

He says...

Masa rip quote

And by “all nations of the world”, he sees a potential customer base of nearly 7 billion people.

Given that...

Let’s Dive into Exactly How High
This Company Could Go...

Now, the most obvious comparison is America Online.

They were the first to deliver dial-up internet to the masses and investors reaped the rewards.

Thing is – as you remember – their first-generation product was lacking in quite a few ways.

It was slow, unreliable, and customers used to get constant busy signals when they tried to log on.

Despite those setbacks, about half of all Americans were using AOL by 1997.

And its share price soared 70,626%.

AOL chart

Now, the tiny company I’m talking about today has a far superior product.

It’s over 200 times faster.

It is planned to roll out to 26 times more people than AOL reached in its prime.

And it’s anticipated to cost up to 10 times less than some folks are paying for their spotty, unreliable internet today.

This winning combination is about to create some serious wealth.

According to my calculations, this company currently brings in about $1.2 billion per year.

And once they begin launching their Halo-Fi microsatellites, they are setting themselves up to tap into an additional $251 billion of profit every single year.

However, that’s still a limited view of what this company is capable of.

That $251 billion market only considers the 40% of people on earth who currently have broadband internet.

But we know there are 4 billion people – including 78 million Americans – who right now can’t get it even though they are desperate for it.

Halo-Fi will be the first internet service that will grant the gift of high-speed, uninterrupted internet to everyone on earth.

Satelite gif

No one on earth will be without high-speed internet once Halo-Fi goes live!

Meaning the potential market size this company is creating is more than $627 billion.

Yet, that’s still not the upper limit they’re pushing here.

This company is also targeting on-site microsatellite connectivity for the emergency management industry – a $101 billion market.

In other words, firefighters, paramedics and our coast guard could soon have the high-speed connection they need no matter which remote corner of the world they’re sent to.

They also plan to be the exclusive high-speed internet provider for commercial airlines – an industry rolling out 30,000 new planes with upgraded internet connections.

That means passengers are about to go from barely able to load web pages to streaming Netflix without a hitch on every flight. That right there is an additional $3 billion in potential sales a year.

They also aim to be the sole internet provider to remote and deepwater oil and gas operations– an easy shot at another $1 billion annually.

Altogether, this gives our tiny Halo-Fi company a total addressable market of $631 billion.

Digital Earth

So, let’s determine a likely share price.

To do that, let’s walk a very conservative line here and say the company only captures 10% of the total market.

(It’s highly unlikely they’d ever manage to stay that small, but caution never hurts when setting a price target.)

We’ll also use the conservative industry standard, the Price-to-Sales Ratio valuation method.

Using the cable internet industry average Price to Sales Ratio of 2.08...

We plug in that potential $63 billion market... (Again, that’s just 10% of the total potential market.)

Over its current estimated revenue of $1.2 billion...

That gives us a projected post-IPO market cap of $131 billion.

That’s a 51-fold gain... 5,149% from
a single investment...

Good enough to turn $10,000 into $514,900.

But ONLY if you’re ready to jump in the very day Halo-Fi IPOs.

Now, you probably don’t need to be told that if this company captures 20% of the market, that windfall would jump to over $1 million.

If they hit 50% of their total potential market, you’d be sitting on over $2.5 million.

And if they conquer the entire global market – which I believe, as does Masa and Richard Branson, is a near inevitability given their “exclusive rights” – you could walk away with $5 million.

Off a simple $10,000 investment.

Now, is this a “blue-sky” prediction? Yes.

No gain this massive is ever guaranteed…

However, if you line it up next to the gains that other major advances in internet have delivered...

Bar Graph 1

Along with the gains were helped along by Masa’s “Midas Touch”...

Bar Graph 2

The likelihood that post-IPO Halo-Fi can turn a $10,000 investment into $1 million... $2.7 million... even $5.5 million now seems much more than possible.

Bar Graph 3

If all goes as my analysis predicts, those who put their money behind Halo-Fi will become the tech world’s newest group of self-made millionaires... going on to live a free and easy life wherever they please.

However, if YOU intend to be among them, you need to act immediately...

Remember, I told you this was a “one-two punch” deal.

That means I don’t want you to wait until this company’s IPO to start making money.

I want you to have a shot at outsize profits as of today.

That’s why, if you follow my strategy, you’ll also be aligning your money right alongside Masa as part of his $1.2 billion pre-IPO investment in this Halo-Fi company.

Allowing you a chance to collect your share of this company’s potentially massive pre-IPO profits.

This is a huge opportunity to potentially make an additional 200% gain before the year is out.

Recently, Masa’s investment in another pre-IPO company took it from $100 million to $1 billion in the blink of an eye.

Virtually overnight, this man – and every other investor alongside him – made 10 times his investment.

Now, you’ll be able to get your share of those same kind of pre-IPO rewards... only if you act NOW.

Because according to my research...

Within weeks, this tiny Halo-Fi company is about to take the first public step towards an IPO – by filing an S-1 form with the SEC.

Soon, I predict you’ll see trade magazines and mainstream outlets reporting...

“Halo-Fi is going “Prime-Time”...
THIS May 18thJuly 31st!”

Now, how could I possibly be so confident about this?

Most companies keep their plans to IPO under lock and key just in case anything should delay them.

Yet every lifelong trader and analyst knows there are always undeniable signs a planned IPO is underway...

You just have to know what to look for...

Which is what one member of my research team did when he went straight to this company’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia to get the scoop.

Black Building

Is the secret to Halo-Fi’s upcoming IPO waiting right behind these doors?

Now, I didn’t expect the CEO to waltz my guy into the corner office for martinis and spill the beans on the company’s plans...

And I knew the receptionist wasn’t about to engage him in a round of the “blink twice if the answer is yes” game.

But I did figure he’d find a way to chat up a few key people that might send him in the right direction.


And just so you know exactly what I sent him over there to “dig up”...

Here are a few signs that indicate to the trained observer when a company is looking to go public....

Number one: all companies that trade on U.S. stock exchanges have to follow the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, also known as SOX.

In 2002, SOX was enacted to protect stock market investors from corporate fraud.

It requires public companies to make highly detailed financial disclosures and follow strict accounting regulations.

So, usually a company has to reinvent their policies and procedures to comply with SOX on the eve of moving towards an IPO.

The second thing most every pre-IPO company does is take any big write-offs they are allowed all at once.

The amount they can take must adhere to GAAP or IFRS accounting practices 

It’s a huge undertaking to get this done, but it makes for sexier income statements when its time to attract new investors during the IPO. 

So, it was more than exciting when my research analyst let me know this tiny Halo-Fi company is urgently looking to expand their accounting team by bringing on a Controller, specifically with:

Blurred Brief

Let’s remember that compliance with Sarbanes-Oxleys required ONLY for public companies.

And let’s remember it’s a lot more work, more money paid out and a lot more regulation – things ALL companies hate.

So why would a private company comply with such an onerous law if they didn’t have to?

The only reason that crosses any sane person’s mind is...

They’re going to have to comply pretty dang soon – when they file to go public.

Also, companies that have taken care of their SOX compliance before their IPO tend to get a nice premium tacked onto their shares.

So in the end, that would make the expense of a SOX-savvy employee worth every last dollar they command.

So, what else did we find out at my analyst’s little visit to company headquarters?

Well, I quickly discovered there’s a new kid on the block around here and let me just say, he’s kind of a big deal...

Before I tell you about him, I’ll tell you why it matters that he’s here...

To attract investors, a company on the verge of IPO needs to have officers and managers with one thing: a track record of making companies profitable.

So when they start aggressively loading their upper echelons with these “turnaround kings”, it’s a strong sign they’re stacking the deck with aces before an IPO.

And that’s what our Halo-Fi company just did when the legendary CEO of a prominent telecommunications company walked away from his cushy job to join the team here.

He even publicly stated what everyone else was thinking...

Halo-Fi rip quote

His name is Sam and when he was CEO of that telecom company, he took them from a financial black hole drowning in $13 million of unpayable debts...

To one of the most cash-rich telecom operators in the industry... growing revenues at an 11% clip annually in his first three years.

This turnaround has been studied and written about in multiple media outlets...

Now, the “King of the Turnaround” is firmly planted inside this tiny satellite company.

And the deck stacking has begun...

And, like any smart, yet virtually unknown company on the verge of going public, our Halo-Fi company also has a few media-worthy events and announcements to coincide with their potential IPO filing.

1. In MarchMay, “the world’s first fully-automated high-volume satellite assembly plant” in Exploration Park, Florida will crush the record for satellite production volume.


Faster, cheaper production means more money for investors!

Here’s how truly unprecedented this is...

In MarchMay, this company’s state-of-the-art factory will begin manufacturing 15 microsatellites every week.

No one before in history has had the ability to make even a single satellite in a day.

And they will build them at just a fraction of the cost – a half million dollars a piece.

Previously, satellites cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make.

2. They’ve signed contracts with some of the world’s most innovative visionaries.

Blue Orgin and Virgin

Halo-Fi’s powerful partners…

This tiny company just inked a contract with Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, “Blue Origin”, to launch 400 of its satellites.

The company also awarded 39 launches to Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

Some of these launches will build out the original microsatellite constellation and later launches will replenish the company’s satellite fleet when old satellites stop working.

3. These partnerships will give this tiny company the powerful ability to launch a satellite on just two hours’ notice.

Until now, it took a full year of prep to launch a satellite into space.

But now, this company will have the never before seen ability to launch microsatellites at the drop of a hat.

Giving them the power to provide unbroken, outage-free internet service that blankets the entire world day and night – with no one left out.

Look, there is virtually nothing standing in this company’s way right now.

That’s why...

Are 100% behind this company and the overwhelming likelihood it will make technological history...

As well as make early investors very, very rich.

I'm going to show you how to get all the information you need to position yourself for a potential 5,349% gain with my “one-two profit punch” – before May 18thJuly 31st.

Before I do that, I want to first reveal how I'm able to find companies like this... helping you to make sure your money is in exactly the right place... at exactly the right time.

I've spent the last 23 years immersed in the field of “Technology Trend Investing”.

That means getting my hands on virtually every new device that hits the market... being the first to identify breakthrough business models that forever change the way we consume technology... and evaluating behind-the-scenes business deals that move billions of tech dollars around.

And now, as a thought leader in the sector that mints more millionaires than any other, I’ve developed a powerful three-phase formula that accurately forecasts whether a new technology will be a breakout winner – or a hype-fueled failure.

I now use this formula – combined with my experience, contacts and insider intelligence – to deliver big wins for anyone who follows my recommendations.

For example, my readers recently received an alert to buy Nvidia.

Nvidia’s chips are the driving force behind two combined $112 billion megatrends: virtual reality and machine learning.

For me, this trade is a no-brainer...

Readers were encouraged to buy Nvidia on February 6, 2015 at $20 a share.

24 months later, the stock hit $119 a share.

Today, those of my readers still in it are up 724% and continuing to ride this unstoppable tech trend even higher.

NVDA chart

Not bad.

Another winner is Ionis Pharmaceuticals.

Ionis had developed a breakthrough that treated HoFH, a rare genetic disease that causes deadly heart attacks in young people.

Given the severity of this disease and the genius of the “antisense” technology behind the cure, this is

Readers who followed this recommendation bought in at $8.43 per share.

The FDA approved the breakthrough treatment and a sell alert was issued when the stock hit an explosive $39.14, allowing readers the opportunity to capture an outsized 364% gain.

another no-brainer...

IONS chart

I could go on and on.

In fact, on April 2, 2013, my readers were introduced to 3D systems.

3D was capitalizing on what I always suspected would be a strong, yet short-term, trend in 3D printing.

Opening up a shot to capitalize on its rise and get out with a big win.

And boy, that was exactly what happened.

DDD chart

Readers who jumped into 3D feet first at roughly 30 bucks a share were alerted to get out while the trend was still hot at $91.10 per share.

A nice triple shot for anyone following that recommendation.

As you might guess, members of our research services are beside themselves with excitement at the returns we’re delivering across the board.

Like Tom Phillips, who wrote...

Old Man on Beach

“I made about $35,000 in 10 days.”

And MaryAnne Hermann, who let me know about this winner...

Old Man on Beach

“I bought 500 shares of [company] at 4.55 and sold at 15.88…tripling my stake.”

I’ve helped Greg Swanson has double his money more than once...

Old Man on Beach

“Technology Profits Confidential is the bedrock of my portfolio…with winners of 152% and 122%.”

And another reader, Mitch Horner, wrote in that his winnings so far have added up to a...

Old Man on Beach

“$45,000 profit...”

As you can see, people who use my research have the opportunity to make a lot of money very quickly.

And to be absolutely clear, that doesn’t happen by luck.

To consistently deliver these kinds of gains, I've developed a proprietary three-part analysis that demonstrates...

How to Spot the Biggest, Most Lucrative Tech Trends with Shocking Accuracy

Here’s how it works:

Tech Trend Test #1: The Market Must Be Hungry

In order for a new technological breakthrough to meet my criteria for investment, it must have a market that is pulsing with pent-up demand.

In other words, the technology has to hit a hungry market and sell immediately.

Not to a boutique market, but to the masses.

That's why I pose the following rigorous questions every time before I decide whether or not an investment is a go...

  1. Does this new breakthrough help people or change lives for the better?
  2. Do consumers WANT and NEED this new product?
  3. Will the FCC and FTC back any regulations necessary to launch it?
  4. Will it dominate its market?
  5. And will new revenues significantly boost the company's share price?

A "no" to any of these questions, and even the most hyped new technology is off the table.

Yes, it feels good to get behind a product that everyone is talking about. But it’s far more important to get behind something that has the real potential to make you rich.

And my recommendation today gives you exposure to a company that has that in spades.

  1. It’s going to save people millions of dollars collectively and change billions of lives for the better – likely yours included.
  2. Consumers are loudly demanding a better alternative to their crappy, overpriced internet service.
  3. This company is the only one on the right side of regulating bodies when it comes to launching its satellite globally.
  4. Meaning, it will – without question – have a shot at 100% market domination.
  5. And that new market share could boost its stock price

Again, I can't guarantee those gains. Nobody can…

But I can tell you that this company has all the market-demand elements of a breakthrough winner.

Now, once I determine that the technology is ready to be absorbed en masse around the world... I move on to the second test in my analysis...

Tech Trend Test #2: The Technology is Backed by LOADS of Capital.

Demand is one thing, but in order to get a new technology produced, marketed and sold around the world, a company needs a lot of capital – both before and after an IPO

Pre-IPO, that capital comes from VCs and big investors.

A strong list of early backers demonstrates two things:

1. The company has easy access to significant funding.

2. Smart, successful VCs and large corporations see a chance to cash in big.

I love finding a company that is flooded with cash from outside investors. This gives them the freedom to make big moves precisely when they need to.

That’s why the backers’ list on our Halo-Fi company is so impressive.

  • Masa
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Airbus
  • Qualcomm
  • Coca Cola

Together, they’ve poured billions into getting this breakthrough microsatellite technology off the ground and into space.

$1.2 billion of that came from Masa. And we’ve already seen that some of his savvy investments have returned 2,566%... 7,763%... and 71,338%.

Sometimes in less than 24 months.

So, after I’ve established that a company’s funding is secure and substantial, I move on to the third test...

Tech Trend Test #3: The Timing is Impeccable.

This is where a lot of investors run into problems.

They read a news story about a new technology breakthrough... and move to get in right away.

Here's the thing: If the tech is still in its initial stages of development, it could be years before the stock lifts.

Plus, in the very early stages, it's impossible to know if the technology actually works as it should.

On the other hand, if you sit out too long, you'll miss out on the really big gains.

The key is to get in AFTER the technology has been proven and tested… but BEFORE a mad rush of investors sends the stock into the stratosphere.

Where is the “impeccable” point of entry on Halo-Fi?

It’s in the window between today and May 18thJuly 31st.

That’s likely the only way you can ride the same pre-IPO profit wave Masa is on – before the majority of investors even realize the age of Halo-Fi is upon us.

PLUS, you’ll be primed to jump directly into Halo-Fi and ride its post-IPO surge as soon as it goes public.

For what I predict will be a combined windfall of 5,349%.

Now, I always want to remind my readers nothing is certain.

There is always risk in the stock market.

Sometimes I’m wrong on my projections about a company’s IPO date.

That’s simply the nature of the investment world.

One thing that is absolutely certain right now, however, is...

My “Triple-Test” Tech Analysis Is Pointing to One Conclusion: Halo-Fi is Ready for Lift-Off

Halo-Fi is about to topple the most hated internet oligarchies and deliver a brand new form of fast, affordable, high-speed internet to everyone on the planet.

It will change the entire global economic structure as we know it - and for the better.

Closer to home, it will make finicky modems, service outages, hidden fees and atrocious customer service from your internet company history.

Listen: Close to a quarter of Americans are still waiting for access to high-speed internet – that’s 78 million people.

Worldwide, that number jumps to 4.2 billion.

Halo-Fi opens up this entire market and gives them – with the virtual flip of a switch – access to what they so desperately want.

As I run this company through my rigorous Triple-Test analysis, it just keeps looking better and better.

That’s why – given the looming May 18thJuly 31st deadline – I am recommending it today with an "URGENT BUY" rating.

Remember, those who invested right before AOL’s launch had a chance to collect 70,636% gains.

And those who jumped into Comcast were rewarded with a shot at a 36,989% win!

Yet those technologies still left billions of people out of their total market.

Our Halo-Fi company offers a far superior product.

And it’s designed to include all 7 billion people on this planet within its service area.

And remember, to blanket the planet in Halo-Fi costs a mere fraction of what it would cost to lay fiber only to the rest of the US.

The US alone gives this tiny company a shot at a $35 billion market.

But globally, that number expands to a potential $631 billion every year.

And using the conservative industry standard known as Price to Sales ratio and taking into account this company capturing only 10% of the market, we’ve determined this “one-two profit punch” could deliver a potential 53-fold win... or 5,349%.

If you – as I do – believe they will capture an even greater percent of that market, returns begin to rack up to 11, 098%... 27,745%... even higher.

Would that be exceptional? No doubt.

But not when you compare it similar historical scenarios.

Bar Graph 3

Let’s face it...

Halo-Fi’s “one-two profit punch” is set to deliver a massive homerun. But if you want a piece of it, you must take action before May 18thJuly 31st.

Here's how...

Go ahead and give my research advisory service, Technology Profits Confidential, a risk-free try today.

The moment you do, I’ll send you my brand-new report titled:

“Halo-Fi’s One-Two Profit Punch”: A Double Play Strategy for Capturing a 5,349% Windfall”

Halo-Fi One-Two Profit Punch

Most importantly, you'll get the name of the Halo-Fi company and the pre-IPO play... its stock symbol... and detailed instructions on how to buy it for what I believe is a small fraction of its real value.

I’ll also give you detailed share price instructions to ensure you don’t overpay.

Plus, I’ll also walk you through an “insider look” at what I expect to see from the impending Halo-Fi IPO.

And that's only the beginning of what you’re going to get.

You see, every day I devote myself to uncovering up-and-coming technology trends on the verge of changing lives and making early investors incredibly wealthy.

I’m talking about in-demand, well-capitalized, impeccably-timed breakthroughs like:

Machine Vision! This exploding technology allows us to profit handsomely off manufacturing returning to the United States. The company I’m watching here is a time-tested innovator already selling machine vision technology to the same multinationals now looking to repatriate their workforce to the US. Apple is their largest customer, bringing in increasing revenues every single year. Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Johnson and Johnson, Kia and dozens more companies are also loyal customers. They have grown revenues every year for a full decade – and their new product line is poised to create a major “upgrade bump” in share price.

Drone Inspectors! Human eyes can’t be everywhere at all times. So technology is reinventing the way we monitor infrastructure like bridges, railways, pipelines and roadways. One small tech firm has developed specialized drones that can perform safety inspections and assess damage from distances of 400 feet! This company is a microcap, but that’s destined to change – and fast. They inked multi-million-dollar partnerships with Lockheed Martin, NASA, DARPA... and they’ve recently become the Pentagon’s number one supplier for small drones.

Wireless Power! Apple and Samsung are about to launch new, hugely anticipated phones with wireless charging. So who’s supplying the wireless receiver chips inside them? I predict one company will be inside both. In fact, Samsung has already confirmed this. And while Apple has not yet, they already use this company’s wireless receivers in the iWatch. Therefore, I expect them to do a “carryover implementation” on iPhone 8. In Q4 2016, this company pulled in $19 million on wireless charging alone. But with TWO upcoming phone launches expected to be bigger than ever, I suspect their revenues could quadruple – and for their share price to move accordingly.

But these are still just the tip of the iceberg...

Right now, there are more than twenty positions in the Technology Profits Confidential portfolio and watch list... and I want to share them all with you.

Right now, my peak gainers are up 104%... 117%... 197%... 712% and many are still climbing!

As a member of Technology Profits Confidential, you'll have everything you need to get in on breakout winners like these long before most investors ever catch on.

When I uncover a breakthrough technology and my Tech Trend Test analysis confirms that:

  1. The market is hungry...
  2. The company is awash in capital...
  3. And the timing is impeccable...

I’ll issue you an immediate “Buy Now” alert via email...

I’ll always include target prices so you never overpay... as well as let you know just how high I foresee the stock moving in the near- and long-term.

So going forward, you can count on many, many more opportunities delivered right to your inbox.

On average, I send 3-4 updates each month.

It’s all part of the rigorous research and alert system you’ll be able to take advantage of every single day, 24/7.

Here’s everything you’ll get as part of that:

You can see that here at Technology Profits Confidential, we don’t skimp on the research, the communication or the member perks.

So you may be wondering, how much does a service like this cost?

One that regularly delivers market-crushing winners in the most exciting sector of the stock market...

Well, that’s the best part – as I’ll explain in a brief moment.

But first, let me show you what else I’d like to send you today as a thank you for simply viewing my presentation...

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You will if you join me today.

So, how much does all this cost?

Again, that's the best part...

As I've shown you, the technology sector is legendary for minting new millionaires.

Where else could you start with $10,000 and turn it into $7 million in a single trade?

Of course, not every new technology is a winner. But when you employ a rigorous analytical process like I do and you can get in with impeccable timing...

You’re setting yourself up to profit off the kind of revolutionary technology that has created some of the biggest gains in history...

I could go on.

But just remember, these are the kinds of opportunities you'll be hearing about every single week in Technology Profits Confidential.

Now, my research service has a very reasonable list price of $99 a year.

But here’s what I’m going to do for you...

If you are one of the first 700 people to respond today, I’m going to slash that price drastically.

Here’s why...

I know you’re still paying through the nose for your crappy internet service. You might be paying ten times what I predict you will be paying once Halo-Fi kicks your internet company to the curb.

So, I want to make this service as affordable as possible for you. Something you can purchase to solidify your family’s wealth and security – without even batting an eye.

That’s why I’m temporarily lowering the membership price for a full year to just $49.

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The moment you agree to give us a try, you'll get immediate access to “Halo-Fi’s One-Two Profit Punch”: A Double Play Strategy for Capturing a 5,349% Windfall” - the special report that reveals every last detail of the opportunity I’ve laid out for you today.

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Go ahead and join us now. Just click on the button below. And – at a minimum – go through my research on the Halo-Fi “one-two profit punch” before the week is out.

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That's right... you keep everything.

But you must act now...

May 18thJuly 31st is Only Weeks Away...

As we get closer, your first play in the “one-two profit punch” could go absolutely vertical...

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Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you.


Ray Blacno Signature

Ray Blanco
Director of Technology and Trend Investing
Technology Profits Confidential
August 2017


P.S. For too long, “America’s most hated companies” have been overcharging you for some of the slowest, crappiest internet on the planet. But now, one tiny company is primed to kill off Comcast, Verizon and Charter Cable – in one clean shot. “Halo-Fi” is on track to deliver fast, unbroken internet to everyone on earth, creating a potential $631 billion global market. And on May 18thJuly 31st, my research indicates this company will file an S-1 to go public on U.S. markets. I’ve developed a “one-two profit punch” strategy that could allow you squeeze both pre- and post-IPO profits totaling 5,349% out of the deal. Right now, you have just weeks to get in and ride this winner all the way to the top. Act now for your shot at turning every $5,000 you invest into $110,661a small fortune. Click here to get all the details...

P.P.S. I’m only offering this limited-time 50% discount to the first 700 people who respond today. Given that Agora Financial has an audience of over 100,000, so I don’t expect these slots to last very long. Come on in now and give Technology Profits Confidential a risk-free try. You can always cancel later for a full refund. But whatever you do, don’t get shut out. You’ve come this far, you deserve a fair shot at a potential 5,349% return. Be part of history in the making by clicking here and joining today....


Will I really be able to stop paying my cable bill? Halo-Fi has the potential to fully and completely replace cable, DSL, dial-up and fiberoptic internet – all services currently provided by companies like Comcast, Charter, Verizon and Cox. Once their bread and butter product is no longer wanted on the open market, they very likely could go bankrupt. While, at the same time, you begin using a faster, more reliable internet... potentially saving you up to $1,740 per year, depending on where you live.

Is an 5,349% gain a realistic target here? I’ll be the first to admit that these kinds of gains are exceptional. And I’m not saying you’ll see this windfall overnight. But by plugging in a consistent price to sales ratio and using the global market size of $631 million, I estimate our post-IPO Halo-Fi profits at 5,549%. When we add in our “one-two profit punch” strategy for pre-IPO investing, that’s another potential 200% gains I think we could see before the year is out. Together, we’re looking at 5,349%. I don’t think that’s unlikely as I fully expect Halo-Fi to capture a much larger share then 10% of the global internet market. Regardless of whether they capture 100%, 50% or even 5%, the quadruple-digit gains that would result could help fund many years of the good life for you and your family.

Why haven’t I heard of this before? Sending a new generation of internet down from space has been in the news quite a bit lately. But companies like SpaceX, Facebook and Google have dominated these headlines simply because the media knows those names will get clicks. When you actually read these articles, however, you’ll notice how speculative they are. That’s because those three companies are locked out of the global rights to the microsatellite band and none of them have a proven technology like the company I’m talking about today.

This tech seems risky, how do I know this is a sound investment? As you know, every investment carries risk. However, the CEO of this company has an impeccable track record of launching revolutionary technologies in specific niches, and obliterating the competition. That’s precisely what he’s about to do again. Launch contracts have been signed with Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and ArianeSpace. L.E.O. satellite technology is already proven and is now ready to scale to a global level. Plus, they have Masa’s billion-dollar cash injection in place to fund this historical launch.

Are there any strings attached to my membership? No way. You have a full 365 days to immerse yourself in everything we send you today... learn all about Halo-Fi... get to know every pick in the portfolio and read my daily and weekly updates. If you don’t like the service for any reason, one call to your VIP concierge line does the trick. You’re off the hook for any future payments and every penny gets refunded to your account. I’ll make sure of that.



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